How Do You Soft Wash?

Miller Soft Wash from Elkhart, IN is here to answer your question on How Do You Soft Wash a House, How Do You Soft Wash a Roof and How Do You Soft Wash Concrete?

I am Kenneth Miller from New Paris Indiana and am the owner and operator of Miller Soft Wash which is a fully Insured company for both residential and commercial.

How do you Soft Wash

I use a more gentle approach to washing then a normal pressure washer does. I only use pressure on concrete otherwise I use a gas roof pump to do my cleaning with.

Firstly You May Ask What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a cleaning method that uses a low pressure washing technique, along with a mixture of algaecides, surfactants and water, to safely clean exterior surfaces of organic stains, mildew and algae.

Now that you know what soft washing is let’s learn how to soft wash. In this article I will try to explain to the best of my knowledge on How do you soft wash in a step by step course.

How Do You Soft Wash A House?

Step 1.
I will first soak down the plants with water to ensure plant safety before applying my solution.

Step 2. I then apply the biodegradable solution to the house with a very soapy solution that clings to the siding and any dirt, cobwebs, etc. All my soaps are biodegradable meaning it will turn back to water. All my products are environmentally friendly.

Step 3. I then rinse the house all with the gas roof pump with a max three hundred psi where a pressure washer has usually four thousand psi.

My gas roof pump does however spray 11 gallons per minute whereas a pressure washer is usually about 4 gallons per minute.

I can shoot water about 50 feet when on jet mode allowing me to get up to three stories from the ground.

My gas roof pump has a high volume of water so that to dilute the solution before causing any damages to landscape and to rinse the soap I apply off of windows and all other surfaces.

With house wash mix I can clean the exterior of Gutters, soffits, window sills and all other exterior surfaces.

My solution will melt cobwebs and kill all mildew, algae and lichen at the root not just blasting off the surface creating a deeper longer lasting clean.

How Do You Soft Wash A Roof?

Step 1
For a Roof Softwash I use the same method as house wash just a much stronger mix of solution.

A roof softwash will bring back the original color of your roof and is recommended by the Shingle Manufacturers to maintain your roof.

A roof wash will remove all the black streaks that are a algae based growth and kill any moss that is on the roof, making the moss turn white instantly but we will not forcefully remove the moss.

We will let the moss let go of the roof on its own so it will not damage the shingles. This process will take about six weeks but eventually the moss will wither up into a ball and tumble off with a heavy rain fall.

Step 2. If the moss does not come off with a heavy rainfall you can call us again to schedule the next appointment to actually scrub the dead moss off which will be a extra charge.

How do you Soft Wash Concrete 

Step 1. I pretreat the concrete with a biodegradable solution to kill the black mold growing on the concrete.

This step is a very important step but one step a lot of pressure washer service techs fail to do.

Pretreating the concrete will keep the concrete clean for longer and will give the concrete that extra shine a pressure washer alone can not do.

Step 2. I then pressure wash the concrete with a surface cleaner to remove the dirt and dead mold.

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