A Chat with Kenneth Miller of Miller Soft Wash about the Exterior Colors of Houses.

Kenneth Miller, the owner and operator of Miller Soft Wash, has four years of experience and hundreds of homes under his belt, Kenneth has developed a keen eye for what works best when it comes to exterior colors. In this exclusive interview, he shares his insights on his color choices.

Exterior Cleaning

The Exterior Colors to Avoid

One of the first things Kenneth points out is that not all exterior colors are created equal in terms of maintenance. “After cleaning a couple hundred homes,” he begins, “I can tell you that black, red, and blue are colors I don’t recommend.” The reason? These hues are notorious for showing every speck of dust and water spot, with black being the most unforgiving of them all. Any slight imperfection is magnified, making your home’s exterior look less than pristine.

Kenneth also warns against the rapid onset of oxidation with these colors. Oxidation occurs when the sun’s UV rays cause the siding to fade, resulting in a chalky, white film. “You can literally run your hand over the siding and end up with a powdery residue,” Kenneth explains. “This residue can leave unsightly marks on your siding, and even minor touches from kids or pets can leave noticeable clean spots where the oxidation has been removed.”

The Benefits of Neutrals

So, what does Kenneth recommend instead? “A neutral color is a homeowner’s best friend,” he says with a smile. Neutral shades like beige, white, or light tan are not only more forgiving when it comes to hiding dust and water spots but are also easier to clean. They offer a timeless and clean appearance that stands the test of time, requiring less maintenance in the long run.

Tiger Stripes on Gutters

In addition to exterior siding, Kenneth has also encountered a common issue with newer white gutters: the dreaded “tiger stripes.” “It’s something I see on many new white gutters,” he notes. “All-white gutters tend to develop this unsightly black mold film over time, making them look less appealing.”

Fortunately, a soft wash can bring white gutters back to their shiny, clean appearance. However, the challenge lies in removing those stubborn tiger stripes. According to Kenneth, the solution isn’t in soft washing but requires a different approach. “To get rid of those stripes, you’ll need a degreaser and a brush,” he advises. “This extra step is essential for maintaining the pristine look of your gutters.”

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing exterior colors and maintaining the cleanliness of your home, Kenneth Miller’s advice is invaluable. Avoid the high-maintenance colors like black, red, and blue, and opt for neutral hues that are not only forgiving but also stand the test of time. And when it comes to those pesky tiger stripes on white gutters, remember that a little extra effort with a degreaser and brush will make all the difference in keeping your home looking its best.

With Kenneth Miller’s expert insights, you can make informed choices to ensure your home’s exterior remains a source of pride and beauty for years to come.

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