Pressure Washing Provider Is Gearing Up For Spring In New Paris, IN

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Pressure Washing Provider Is Gearing Up For Spring In New Paris, IN Pressure Washing Service Serving St. Joe, Elkhart, Lagrange, Noble, Cass and Kosciusko Counties. Miller Soft Wash

Published February 21, 2022


IN based Miller Soft Wash is pleased to share that they are ready to restore the vibrant appearance of their community’s homes’ ahead of the upcoming spring season.

Utilizing some of the best power washing and roof cleaning tools on the market, the company’s experienced technicians can rescue a property from grime and much more that may otherwise appear impossible to remove. Read further here: Pressure Washing Near Me.

While the term ‘pressure washing’ may give some homeowners pause for concern, the company explains that they use a variety of techniques to achieve a clean outcome while minimizing risk to the surfaces in question.

They routinely wash siding, roofs, windows and even concrete for their customers, and their team has a deep understanding of the limitations of each type of surface.

As a result, homeowners need not be concerned that their house’s paint job (and so on) will be stripped during a power wash. The company is adept at removing only dirt and other unwanted material, leaving behind the desired finish.

To clarify, the company says that they offer both pressure washing as well as another service known as ‘soft washing.’

The former utilizes a high pressure jet of fluid that is powerful enough to scour away dirt as well as entrenched mold and mildew growth.

Since this directly restores much of the property’s visual appeal, sometimes taking years of accumulated grime off with each pass, the company points out that pressure washing often has the added advantage of keeping it in its best shape, thereby helping it maintain its value on the real estate market. Learn more at the following link: Pressure Washing Near Me.


Alternatively, the company may recommend soft washing, especially for siding and roofs. These parts of the house are known to be vulnerable to power washing, so a gentler method needs to be used.

Miller Soft Wash explains that soft washing achieves a result that is comparable to power washing — without any risk of damage.

The secret here is that a strong cleaning solution is used to make up for the reduction in pressure. Notably, the company reassures their community that the soft washing solution is biodegradable, thereby making it environmentally-friendly.

According to Miller Soft Wash, the team places a high priority on maintaining a baseline for customer service that exceeds anything they may experience at other providers.

They appreciate each customer’s time and money, and this means they treat every homeowner as a valued partner no matter how simple or complex a job may be.

This is particularly important given that the company’s services primarily deal with beautifying the property of the customer in question.

Many are rightfully proud of their homes, and the company believes it is their duty to treat these sites with the same respect they would give their own.

Customer Reviews Pressure Washing

The company’s online reviews serve to illustrate how successful they are in upholding this standard. A Google review from Angel Konkey. shares, “Kenneth soft washed our house, roof, and deck. All I can say is, WOW!

What a difference it makes on the cleanliness and curb appeal of our home. We had a lot of algae and organic growth on our roof and the front of the house, that left unsightly black streaks on the entire roof, due to it being north facing.

The entire roof looks incredible after the soft washing, and the streaks are now gone. We also had rust on the siding on one side, due to hard water. And, we had the remnants of a very large hornets nest that he managed to remove from the siding as well.

Kenneth also cleaned our deck, which would have taken us half a day to power wash, so it was worth every penny for the soft wash. Miller Soft Wash charged a FAIR price, worked DILIGENTLY and EFFICIENTLY, and had great communication, keeping us apprised of his schedule and arrival time. We highly recommend the services of Miller Soft Wash, and will definitely use him in the future.

Stephanie Brown. adds in their review, “We were completely impressed and pleased with Miller Soft Wash.

Our home has the original wood siding from 1979, and we knew a high pressure wash might destroy the siding altogether, so we hired Miller Soft Wash to clean our exterior with care.

He showed up early, was communicative of what we needed to do to prepare for the work, and he was in and out in under an hour.

Hour home looks amazing, better than it has in the decade we’ve lived here! And the siding is completely intact! For the results, we consider the reasonable pricing a complete bargain! Highly recommend!!!

Pressure Washing In Warsaw, IN

Customers may contact Kenneth Miller of Miller Soft Wash to follow up on any further inquiries. Similarly, Warsaw homeowners may visit the following link to find a reliable and affordable pressure washing service: .Ultimate Pressure Washing Service In Warsaw, IN


For more information about Miller Soft Wash, contact the company here:

Miller Soft Wash

Kenneth Miller Owner/Operater

67855 Maple Street
New Paris , Indiana 46553

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