Why Soft Washing?

Soft washing is quickly becoming the preferred cleaning method in Indiana over pressure washing for many reasons.

Kenneth Miller the owner operator of Miller Soft Wash

One of the main reasons why so many exterior cleaning professionals have switched to soft washing instead of pressure washing is due to safety.  
With soft washing, there is very little risk of damage to exterior surfaces such as siding, shingles, window sills, decks, and more. As you may know, pressure washing can be very dangerous and unforgiving when used on delicate surfaces. It has been known to cause damage by tearing up wood and even removing layers of paint from siding. Miller Soft Wash

Miller Soft Wash in New Paris IN

So how is soft washing different? Soft washing relies on cleaning solutions to do the cleaning rather than a mechanical cleaning process such as pressure washing or power washing. It is similar to almost any other type of cleaning like dishes, laundry, car wash, etc.. The one thing they all have in common is that a cleaning agent is used to get the absolute best clean possible. Soft washing is the same way, you will be left with a much cleaner and fresher home when the proper cleaning solutions are used.

Soft washing in a commercial building in Middlebury IN

With that being said, not only is soft washing safer than high pressure washing for exterior cleaning, it is also much more efficient. The average time required to soft wash a house is about ¼ as long as it would take to pressure wash a house. This is due to the fact that soft washing only requires a coat of soap which can be applied from the ground in most cases whereas pressure washing requires every square inch of the property to be sprayed at close range. 
Because of the efficiency provided by soft washing, we are able to take up less of our customer’s time during the day while at the job. This also means that you won’t have to hear the motor of a pressure washer running for an extended period of time. 
Another reason we prefer soft washing so much is due to the fact that soft washing will keep your exterior surfaces cleaner for much longer. With soft washing, you are actually able to kill the bacteria and algae growing on your siding rather than just removing the top layer that’s visible to the human eye. If you only pressure wash the siding without disinfecting the surface, the algae will grow back much quicker.

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Videos of Our Red Gun

Miller Soft Wash has a very State Of The Art Red Gun that we use to clean the exterior of houses with. The red Gun is powered by a AR 45 Gas Roof Pump which puts out 11 gpm but only 300 psi so that I have enough pressure to shoot water and soap up to 50 feet but still gentle enough to put my hand in front of the gun so that it won’t damage anything.

Check out these videos to see the cleaning power a soft wash has!

Roof Softwash Cleaning in Middlebury IN
Commercial Exterior Cleaning Service in Nappanee IN
Commercial Exterior Cleaning Service in downtown Nappanee IN
Roof Softwash Cleaning in Granger IN
Roof Softwash Cleaning in Nappanee IN
Roof Softwash Cleaning in Middlebury IN
House Washing in Mishawaka IN

DIY Exterior House Cleaning

Exterior House Cleaning

Everything you need to know to clean the exterior of your house.

As most homeowners know, house cleaning isn’t strictly an inside job. Once in a while, you should pay some attention to exterior house cleaning as well.

Why is that? For starters, your driveways, siding, and garage floors are very susceptible to the elements. If you’re not maintaining them, they’ll soon be covered in algae, black mold stains, and tire marks.

Now, exterior home cleaning comes in many forms. With such a large number of options at your disposal, it can be difficult to choose the right method for your needs.

For example, how do you know whether to use a pressure washing service or not? Which detergents and cleaning agents should you opt for?

The good news: none of these dilemmas are that complicated. Here are the main things you should know about outside house cleaning when choosing to do it yourself.

DIY House Washing

The standard procedure for cleaning your siding is simple enough. After rinsing it with a hose, you scrub it with soapy water and rinse again. Most laundry detergents work fine as siding cleaners.

Now, what do you do if you have some mold or algae on your siding? In this case, your best bet would be to use a standard garden sprayer and oxygen bleach. Avoid chlorine bleach, as it can strip color from your siding.

First, mix oxygen bleach with some water to create your cleaning solution. 

Mix one part oxygen bleach with three parts water in a large bucket or directly in a pump sprayer if you have one. If using a pump sprayer, spray the solution on one small area at a time, let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with a garden hose.

Before using this method please be aware of surrounding landscape and water any plants or shrubs. This mixture can burn vegetation when not done properly. 

Power washing is an option, but be careful not to go overboard. If the stream of water is too strong, it can damage stucco, masonry, and wood siding. Plus, power washing is not the most efficient way to remove mold and mildew.

If you do decide to use a power washer on exterior house cleaning, be careful with it. Start on the lowest setting, and remember to use eye protection. Ideally, you should start from the top of your house and work your way down.

These days, most pressure washing services have access to tools that allow for more control over this process. If you have a two-story house, consider leaving this task to professionals.


If you have a concrete driveway and/or garage floor, you should maintain it on a regular basis. Concrete is porous, and oil stains tend to take hold very quickly. The same goes for grease, antifreeze, and other vehicle fluids.

To remove stains from a concrete surface, cover the area with cat litter or some other drying agent. Let it sit for a day, then remove it and scrub the stain with laundry detergent. Commercial oil stain removers are a good choice as well.

If the stain persists, use a power washer and TSP (trisodium phosphate). In case you’re dealing with rust stains, wood bleach is a good solution. Apply it to the stained area, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub and rinse.

Your final option is to use muriatic acid. Be careful, however — this type of acid will eat away both the stain and the concrete underneath it. If you do decide to go for it, remember to wear a respirator and protective clothing.

By comparison, removing tire marks from a sealed concrete surface is far easier. First, remove the sealer by scrubbing it with a solvent or chemical stripper. Once the stain has disappeared, reseal the concrete.

Why seal your concrete floors in the first place? Other than preventing future stains, the sealer makes your floor look more attractive. There are many types of floor sealers out there, from epoxy coatings to acrylic sealants.


Your exterior house washing efforts shouldn’t be limited to your siding and driveways. Your roof, deck, and patio also need some love.

Roof cleaning is mostly about getting rid of mold and mildew. Using sodium hydroxide solutions is a good way to rinse away black streaks and other stains. This will also extend the lifespan of your roof.

Finally, give some thought to deck maintenance. As a general rule, wooden decks are prone to deteriorating without regular care. Also, sealing your deck every 2 to 3 years can do wonders against the sun and rain.


As you can see, exterior house cleaning is not a day’s job.

That said, a well-presented exterior can drastically improve the look of any property. If you’re selling your house, a beautiful exterior can also serve as a powerful marketing tool.

Should you leave the exterior house cleaning to the professionals? Well, it all depends on how comfortable you are with the tasks we’ve mentioned above. Still, it’s worth noting that most house cleaning services are quite cheap these days.

Do you live in Elkhart or the Michiana area? If so, we may be the perfect exterior cleaning service for your needs. Contact us right here, and we’ll get back to you soon.

How I Started My Pressure Washing Service Business in the Spring of Covid 2020

Kenneth Miller from New Paris Indiana

My name is Kenneth Miller. I am the Owner and Operator of Miller Soft Wash. Miller Soft Wash is a Pressure Washing Service that does roof cleaning, exterior house washing and driveway pressure washing. I service both commercial and residential customers. I live in New Paris Indiana and am happily married to Marla Miller. We are proud parents of two daughters Ezlyn Rain (1) and Zayla Rose (4 weeks old)

My beautiful family

I have always dreamed of having my own business as a kid so when covid came along and shut my day job down at L & C Welding in Shipshewanna Indiana for six weeks in the spring of 2020 that is when I started my Pressure Washing Service business and have been full time doing Exterior House Washing an Cleaning Roofs ever since!

A pressure washing Service I provided in Elkhart Indiana

My pressure washing service business was truly a blessing from God. I have also been very blessed to have such a amazing community near me to provide a Cleaning Service for here in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan cause I have had so much fun this past year just meeting new people and have built a lot of great relationships from providing this Pressure Washing Service .

Pressure washing Service

I am a certified car detailer which I did for a couple of years working for my brother Steven Miller who owned Diamond Star in Millersburg Indiana. You might remember seeing my brother in the local news a few


years back of him detailing Air Force One.

I was raised Amish in Middlebury Indiana. You will probably recognize my Amish accent in my voice once you meet me or that’s what past customers have said.

Ducks we raised in Middlebury  Indiana

Growing up Amish in Middlebury Indiana we had plenty of chores to keep us busy. We had three duck barns for a total of 26000 ducks we raised for Culver Duck also in Middlebury Indiana.

One duck barn was a research an development barn with small pens of 25 ducks each all through the barn. Each pen would get different amounts of feed so we had to weigh out each pens feed each day then we would have to gather eggs and mark the eggs with the date an pen number on each egg. We also had to weigh each individual duck each week and keep track of there weight so ya us siblings had enough work to keep us out of trouble I’d say lol.


I love and follow Jesus with my whole heart and believe strongly in not judging and loving your neighbor as thyself. I love making people smile so hopefully I can do that for you by being of service to you!

If you need any Exterior Cleaning Service done I hope you will check out my prices by requesting a Quote.


1. A typical house wash is anywhere from $200 to $700

2. A typical roof wash is anywhere from $500 to $2000