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Shipshewanna Indiana Best Exterior Cleaning


Miller Soft Wash has done a lot of pressure washing work in Shipshewanna Indiana especially in the Valley Hills subdivision.

Owner operator Kenneth’s in-laws live in the Valley Hills subdivision and they were very pleased with the roof soft wash, house wash and deck cleaning. Therefore have recommended our services to about 10 other valley hill’s families, which were very satisfied customers with the work done.

Commercial Exterior Office Cleaning in Shipshewanna Indiana

Also in Shipshewanna Indiana we did a commercial exterior office cleaning for a factory called Highland Ridge. This office building included the cleaning of the exterior soffits, gutters, facia, window sills, siding and also a rap around porch of the office building. This office building usually was pressure washed by one of the factory workers which had to rent a lift just to reach the top of the office. But Miller Soft Wash was able to reach the top with no ladder or lift. Miller Soft Wash saved them money by not having to rent a lift. It cost more to rent a lift then to hire Miller Soft Wash to wash it!

Kenneth Miller

Kenneth Miller was raised Amish and lived in Shipshewanna Indiana until he was 12 so Miller Soft Wash has done a lot of cleaning in Shipshewanna Indiana just from word of mouth under the Amish community, relatives and friends Kenneth knew from growing up.

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