Rust Removal in Goshen IN

Rust Removal in Goshen IN

Got Rust?

Rust Removal in Goshen IN

Check out this amazing before & after pictures.

This iron stain was a result of iron in the homeowners water when running their sprinkler system.

A pressure washer will not take rust off as the homeowners had tried that but did not work.

Miller Soft Wash used a special chemical that melted this rust stain off the vinyl siding within seconds.


Rust Removal in Goshen IN

Rust Removal in Goshen IN then Did A House Wash

After the rust removal in Goshen IN  Miller Soft Wash did a house wash to clean all algae stains and dust that builds up over the years.

Is it worth hiring a Professional Pressure Washing Service?

Pressure washing service
Pressure washing Service

Yes, it’s often worth it to hire a pro service provider to wash the exterior of your house or business. The main benefits of hiring a professional pressure washer include the pro’s ability to clean without damaging your property (removing the risk for personal injury) and their ability to spot problems before they occur. 

With DIY pressure washing, you can save money and get familiar with your property’s nooks and crannies. However, you run the risk of damaging your siding and your paint, falling off a ladder, hurting yourself with the high-pressure water and not spotting problems that an experienced pro would be able to spot.


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