Roof Soft Wash

Miller Soft Wash offers a low pressure roof soft wash cleaning service to the greater Michiana area residents for safely cleaning asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and even cedar shakes.

Roof Soft Wash Cleaning Elkhart indiana

We know roofs tend to get ugly and look aged over time which our roof cleaning services can refresh.

Roof Soft Wash 

Often people pay for a complete roof replacement when our cleaning services can safely remove those streaks caused by a destructive algae.

When you get roof replacement estimates, call us for a cleaning estimate as well to see if we can save you thousands. A clean roof, especially when it’s time to sell, adds to the value of your home and maximizes your curb appeal.

Why Your Roof Needs Cleaned

Airborne spores from algae, moss, mold and other contaminants land on your roof over time and start to grow on its surface.

An algae that actually feeds on the limestone in your shingles is what causes the eyesore black streaks on your roof.

Over time, mold, mildew, moss and algae can destroy your roof shingles.

Regular low pressure roof cleaning can prolong the life of your roof, protecting one of your biggest investments.

In fact, many insurance companies deny roof damage claims if the roof shows signs of not being maintained properly and are threatening to cancel homeowner’s insurance policies.

Safely Clean Algae From Your Roof

Gleocapso magma is the most common algae that causes the ugly black streaks on roofs. This blue-green type of algae thrives where moisture dries slower on the north slopes of roofs, as well as areas where hanging over trees and plants came into contact with the roof.

The additional moisture, along with extra organic matter from trees which act as a food source, provides an ideal environment for algae.

The algae protects itself from the ultraviolet rays of the sun with a black outer covering, making it easy to mistake for mold or mildew.

Spread through the air and by animals, the spores of this algae land on roofs in the area. Have you noticed these black streaks in your neighborhood?

The algae are carried down the roof and spread when it rains. Miller Soft Wash removes the algae safely, adding time to the life of your roof.

Clean Moss and Lichens from Your Roof with a Roof Soft Wash 

Moss and lichens can also threaten your roof, physically attaching into your roof by actually anchoring into it.

Miller Soft Wash uses the proper cleaning solutions to kill them and allow the rain to rinse them away.

Remember, a dirty roof can lower the value and appeal of your property and make a bad impression. A clean roof can make a huge impact on the curb appeal of your home. Other costs include heating efficiency – a dirty roof traps heat, thereby increasing heating and cooling costs.

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