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Roof Cleaning Elkhart

We guarantee a 100% fully cleaned and sterilized roof!

  • we only use soft-wash methods — we never pressure wash a roof
  • 100% kill ratio on mold, mildew, and algae — we don’t only clean, we sterilize/disinfect for long-lasting results
  • we only use non-toxic, manufacturers recommended, biodegradable detergents
  • we offer 3 Year Spot Free Warranty

Roof Cleaning Elkhart


Our Roof Moss Removal Approach Is Safe & Effective

We approach cleaning moss off the roof as treating an infection. Furthermore, we create a 100% sterile surface. You can be sure the roof remains stain-free for an extended period of time, whether it’s for asphalt roofs, cedar roofs, slate roofs, cement, or tile roofs. What you can expect:

• Removal Of Unwanted Pests — A roof with moss, mold, lichen, and black stains absolutely cannot reflect sunlight. This lack of reflection creates higher attic temps and increased cooling costs in the summer. Not to mention these organisms are literally eating your roof. This is why we treat the problem like “pest control”.
• Efficient & Safe Service — We clean roofs using water pressure no greater than 300 psi, which is equivalent to a garden hose pressure. We guarantee a 100% kill ratio of roof growths such as mold, moss, algae, and gleocapsa magma (which is the strand that causes those ugly black stains on an asphalt roofing shingle).
• Lower Energy Costs — Particularly when you compare the cost of premature roof replacement and the increased electricity bills with the cost of treating a roof, you will quickly see that IT PAYS TO CLEAN YOUR ROOF!

Why Us?

Highest Rated Roof Cleaning Service

Generous Warranty

3 Year Spot Free Warranty On Roof Cleaning

Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed! We are so confident in our roof cleaning service, we offer a Spot-Free Warranty for any new growth.

Roof Cleaning Service Pressure Washing Service | St. Joe, Elkhart, Lagrange, Noble, Cass and Kosciusko Counties. đź“ž 574-361-3988 Miller Soft Wash

Our Soft-Wash Roof Cleaning & Disinfecting Process

Roof Cleaning Soft Wash Service

We Never Pressure-Wash A Roof

Power washing a roof can cause long-term damage and likely void the warranty of your roofing shingle. Washing a roof under high pressure can potentially wash away large amounts of roofing granules and shorten the life of the roof. Pressure-washing a roof is not only damaging, but it also does nothing to solve the underlying infection causing roof stains.

Fortunately, cleaning your asphalt shingle, slate roof, or cedar roof can be performed without using a pressure washer.

Following strict guidelines outlined by all major roof shingle manufacturers, Miller Soft Wash specializes in soft wash roof cleaning, a much gentler and safer approach to roof moss removal.

We Treat Roof Moss Removal As An Infection

A dirty-looking roof is most likely suffering from an infection of algae, moss and not to mention lichen. What looks like a stain, we consider an infection!

Our goal is to not only clean the roof’s surface and remove all moss but also sanitize it so the problem doesn’t come back.

We strive for a 100% kill ratio on every cell of algae and every root of moss. Anything less than complete sterilization is an attempt in vain, much like going against a doctor’s recommendation and taking less than a fully prescribed treatment of antibiotics. We all know what happens if we don’t complete a full bottle of prescribed antibiotics — we get sick all over again and the infection comes back worse and more resistant.

Our approach to roof cleaning & moss removal is not necessarily to clean the roof surface, but rather to solve an infection. A clean roof is merely a by-product of solving the infection.

We Only Use Safe Detergents

Some roof cleaning companies use a so-called “low-pressure” cleaning system to clean roofs claiming that it’s safe to use. Others use plant-friendly, bleach-free soaps. All of these solutions are inefficient, temporary, and surface-level. While the roof will appear clean, it won’t be sterile. The microscopic residue will be left behind, and the problem will soon reoccur.

Bottom line: blasting high pressured water or using non-disinfecting soaps will not sterilize the roof or solve the underlying infection. What will is the right roof moss treatment!

We handle roof moss removal by applying a safe, biodegradable detergent that instantly kills moss, mold, and algae. By using a proper disinfecting detergent we are able to completely and thoroughly clean a roof without using a pressure washer or damaging your shingles.

Our roofing detergents are rapidly biodegradable. The roof soap dries rapidly, becoming inert and harmless to the environment.

We use a bleach-based detergent to remove roofing stains because they work! They solve the infection and leave behind no residual toxicity and no damage to roofs. In fact, cleaning roofs using bleach-based detergents is the only method recommended by roof shingle manufacturers, including GAF Timberline. These soaps are compatible with the shingle and won’t void your warranty. They will not harm or discolor the shingle but will solve the infection!

We know there are tons of questions and concerns about the use of bleach. If you’re not sure which method is right for you, a good start would be to check manufacturers’ suggestions. Here is a bulletin from Timberline Roofing Shingles, the largest shingle manufacturer in the United States. See their bulletin HERE.

Roof Cleaning Service Pressure Washing Service | St. Joe, Elkhart, Lagrange, Noble, Cass and Kosciusko Counties. đź“ž 574-361-3988 Miller Soft Wash

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