Does your Warsaw, IN roof have moss or have black streaks all over it and you are thinking it needs a roof cleaning?

Roof Cleaning

The truth is 70% of home owners replace their roof to soon. Thinking if the roof has black streaks in it that the roof is shot.

You actually just need a soft wash roof cleaning where Miller Soft Wash applies a biodegradable solution on the roof to treat the infection that has infected your roof.

No need to spend a couple thousand if a soft wash can restore your roof for a fraction of what a new roof would cost.

A thorough roof soft wash from services like Miller Soft Wash can ensure the functionality of your roof for longer. Of course, it also makes the roof look much more attractive, helping your home retain its curb appeal and even some of its value. Here, we’re going to look at the roof cleaning services we offer, why you want to make use of them, and why your roof gets discolored in the first place.

Shingle Manufacture Recommended

Here is a bulletin from Timberline Roofing Shingles, the largest shingle manufacturer in the United States. See their bulletin HERE.

Top 5 Reasons For A Roof Cleaning in South Bend, IN

1. Cool Your Home

When you fail to keep the roof clean, algae and mildew can grow. These fungi cause the roof to absorb heat, which can make it difficult to cool your home during warmer weather and the summer season. Having the roof cleaned professionally can help your air conditioning units work more efficiently and create a cooler environment at less cost.

2. Save Money

If you are trying to maintain a comfortable climate inside your home, mold and algae can interfere. Keeping the roof clean makes it easier to cool- and heat- the home, which results in energy savings. The bottom line is that a consistently comfy temperature will cost you less from month to month each time you get a utility bill. Who doesn’t want that?

3. Keep the Roof’s Warranty Active

Manufacturers want you to maintain your roof and clean it regularly. A multi-year warranty does not exempt you from basic core maintenance during the life of your roof. In fact, neglecting your roof may devoid any warranty that came when your home’s roof was installed. Routine cleaning identifies any potential issues lurking on or near the roof, which may actually be helpful in preventing with prompt action.

4. Prevent Costly Damages

Debris traps moisture on the roof which, over time, can cause moisture damage and mold that will erode and eat away at the roofing materials. Routinely cleaning your roof can prevent costly leaks that lead to water damage. When water seeps in your home, it won’t be long before mold and mildew grow. Abatement of mold is expensive and frustrating; do yourself a favor and take good care of your home’s roof!

5. Increase the Value of Home

Curb appeal contributes to the overall value of a home or property. A home with a shoddy, algae-covered roof will be less attractive and may be a warning flag to potential buyers. A clean roof that is rid of mold, mildew, and algae can look pleasing to the eye and even increase your home’s value if and when you are looking to sell your property. It is something to keep in mind for the future.

Roof Cleaning Warsaw, IN

We provide this page to not only show you how we at Miller Soft Wash can improve the looks and beauty of your property, but to also inform you of the correct, and not so correct way to clean your property’s roof.

Of course, we at Miller Soft Wash always recommend letting a professional perform this work, but we want to give you the information for you to make the decision on who to hire.

Many different roof cleaning companies clean roofs many different ways. Miller Soft Wash wants you to understand the correct way your roof should be cleaned to not only improve the life of your roof, but also to keep it beautiful for years without having annual cleanings.

We at Miller Soft Wash have spent years of training to become Warsaw‚Äės #1 roof cleaning company, and we want to pass this information on to our clients.

The Roof Cleaning Industry As We Know It

Many people do not even realize you can clean a roof.

Most people have the thought that a roof has to be replaced once it becomes covered in algae, mold, and moss.

After many years of the non-professionals cleaning roofs the improper ways that only damage the roofs, we at Miller Soft Wash have mastered the proper techniques to get it clean, keep it clean, and expand the life of your roof.

With these new techniques, the roof cleaning industry is heading into a new era, and is becoming more popular day by day.

The sad fact is that even most of the so called professional roof cleaning companies in Warsaw, Indiana only know as much as a typical property owner.

This is the reason a property owner has to be very particular in whom they hire to clean their property‚Äôs roof. In IN, anyone can call themselves a ‚Äúroof-cleaner‚ÄĚ.

There is no mandate to have a license to clean a roof. This allows for anyone with a pressure washer to state that they can clean roofs.

We at Miller Soft Wash have put a lot of time in training our roof cleaning technicians, and always have a roof cleaning professional on site when a cleaning is in process. We want you to feel no fear at all knowing that Miller Soft Wash is in charge of your cleaning needs.

Why you should do a roof cleaning and why they get dirty!

The why part of the above question is pretty simple.

Most people want their property’s roof cleaned for one simple reason.


Everyone wants a beautiful property.

A property that will impress the family and friends when they arrive at your hard earned dwelling.

But there are more reasons than just to beautify your property to have your roof cleaned.

Having a clean roof also increases the efficiency of your property.

Lowering your air conditioning bill is always a high priority in the Warsaw area. Having your roof shingles full of mold, mildew, and algae will absorb heat during the sunny days. Shingles are designed to reflect heat from the sun, not absorb it.

Why do roofs get so dirty?

Let’s face it; the summer months in Michiana are a hot nasty cesspool of fungus growing cities.

The heat, humidity, and wet condition of Warsaw and other surrounding cities allow for the perfect conditions for mold, mildew, lichen, algae, and other fungi to grow on roofs, concrete, and just about everything outdoors if not protected and treated.

Most residential roofs are shingle roofs. Shingles these days contain limestone fillers to help add weight.

These limestone fillers are food for algae, mold, and moss. When the algae, mold, and moss feed on these limestone fillers, it decreases the lifespan of your shingles.

With this information, you can see how keeping your roof clean increases the life of your roof. And of course you wouldn’t want this mold, mildew, and moss growing on the inside of your house, so why let it build up and grow on the outside?

Miller Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Methods

Miller Soft Wash takes pride in that our methods and operations of cleaning roofs are supported by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association), and shingle manufactures like Owens Corning, GAF, and many others.

The ‚ÄúGreen‚ÄĚ chemicals we use are plant and pet friendly and remove the growing fungus from the roots to insure that future fungus growth does not occur for years to come.

How Long Will A Roof Cleaning Last?

We at Miller Soft Wash have a three year warranty included in our roof cleaning services for any black algae stains. If the black algae stains do come back within three years we will come out and treat it again for free! Most roofs will need another cleaning to stay on top of the fungus growth in about 5 years after the initial cleaning.








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