#1 Trusted Pressure Washing Service Near Shipshewana IN

Pressure Washing Service Near Shipshewana IN

Are you searching for a trusted pressure washing service near Shipshewana IN?


Miller Soft Wash has done a lot of pressure washing service near  Shipshewana IN especially in the Valley Hills subdivision.

Pressure washing service near Shipshewana IN

Owner operator Kenneth’s in-laws live in the Valley Hills subdivision and they were very pleased with the roof soft wash, house wash and deck cleaning. Therefore have recommended our services to about 10 other valley hill’s families, which were very satisfied customers with the work done.

Commercial Pressure Washing Service Near Shipshewana IN

Pressure washing service near Shipshewana IN
Highland Ridge Office

Also in Shipshewana we did a commercial exterior office cleaning for a factory called Highland Ridge. This office building included the cleaning of the exterior soffits, gutters, facia, window sills, siding and also a rap around porch of the office building. This office building usually was pressure washed by one of the factory workers which had to rent a lift just to reach the top of the office. But Miller Soft Wash was able to reach the top with no ladder or lift. Miller Soft Wash saved them money by not having to rent a lift. It cost more to rent a lift then to hire Miller Soft Wash to wash it!

#1 Trusted Pressure Washing Service Near Shipshewana IN Pressure Washing Service | St. Joe, Elkhart, Lagrange, Noble, Cass and Kosciusko Counties. đź“ž 574-361-3988 Miller Soft Wash

Roof Softwash

Did you know that it is estimated that 70% of homeowners re-roof their home way too early? Let us save you thousands of dollars by softwashing your roof for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Think about it for a minute. Your roof was designed to last 25-30 years (asphalt shingles). Why would you re-roof before it is needed and waste all that money?

Many homeowners are hesitate to have their roof cleaned because they are uneducated on the benefits of softwashing. They might have heard horror stories of fly-by night companies trying to clean roofs and damaging their landscaping or the roof itself. Frequently asked questions are “Will it hurt my plants?”, ” What do you use to clean the roof?”, or “Do you guys use a pressure washer?”

First and foremost, only allow a reputable company to perform roof cleaning on your home!

When done correctly, softwash roof cleaning will not damage your landscaping. We know that you take pride in your lawn and surrounding vegetation. Our tried and true process will only add value to your property without damage to your plant life. We use our proprietary algicidal solution to gently remove Gloeocapsamagma roof stains, moss, lichen, and other organisms that thrive on your roof. Our softwash system is specifically designed to be under 300 PSI. The softwash process relies on the cleaning solution to do the work, not high pressure.

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