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The Best Choice Power Washer Service In Turkey Creek Township, IN

When you think of hiring a power washer to come wash your house you probably think of a person coming out to your house with a power washer.

Thinking he will be using high pressure to blast at your home’s exterior to attempt to clean the siding and other fragile surfaces that break easily, meanwhile forcing water up the small holes under the siding.

Is it worth it to hire a power washer?

You probably are asking yourself is it actually worth the risk, right?

What if I hire a power washer that will come out and just blow everything to pieces?

Everyone has heard those Horror stories where they hire a power washer to clean their house but actually the house looks worse after from all the damage that took place from using the high pressure washer.

Does Miller Soft Wash use a power washer?

Yes, we do but only to clean concrete and wood.

We use a AR 45 Gas Roof Pump that pumps out 11 gallons per minute but only has a max of three hundred psi where our power washer has four thousand psi.

That’s a big difference in pressure, how do you then actually clean?

Well the right chemicals can clean a whole lot better then a power washer can.

We use a biodegradable solution that is eco friendly but is strong enough to tackle the job at hand.

Eco friendly power washer

Kenneth the owner and operator has the experience and training know hows of how to use the right amount of chemicals for each job.

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Also with the high volume of water that the AR 45 pumps pumps out per minute will dilute the chemical before burning any plants which can happen when working with this soft wash solution.

This solution is made to kill the green algae on your siding and the black mold that grows on the exterior of the gutters and facia.

The solution is biodegradable so meaning it will turn back to water when it has done its Cleaning so not to harm the environment.

Also when you actually kill the algae and not use a power washer to blast the top layer that is visible to the eye to see you will have a much longer clean.

The algae and mold will eventually grow back but will not come back as fast because it has to have a new root to start again.