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Heather Harren
Heather Harren
I had both my commercial 2- story property & my residence washed. Kenneth was both professional and timely. Both of the structures were gleaming when he was done. Highly recommend.
Linda Fuller
Linda Fuller
Very good job on cleaning our home! Very prompt and efficient.
Katherine Gendron
Katherine Gendron
They did a great job. Even went back to a spot that needed more cleaning. Very professional.
Khilee Harper
Khilee Harper
Miller Soft Wash was super quick to respond with a free quote and it was reasonably priced! We got scheduled and our house looks amazing after being cleaned! 10/10 would recommend and will definitely use them again
Ginee Ames
Ginee Ames
I love this company. The only one I trust for any power washing we need done whether it’s at home or our business. Super nice and great to work with. HIGHLY recommend!!
Rebecca Roberts
Rebecca Roberts
What an absolutely wonderful job! In all honesty, the siding is so old and my home has been on a major highway for years before I moved here without it ever being cleaned; and I didn't think they could get it as beautiful as what they did! Years and years of dirt and soot from exhausts, and it's gone! Very affordable, wonderful people to work with.
Randal Dudeck
Randal Dudeck
Very pleased with the way my gutters cleaned up. They look brand new. I would definitely use this company again. I’m sure some of my neighbors will be calling him for an estimate.
Lois Brewster
Lois Brewster
Miller Soft Wash did an amazing job on my house and gutters. Was on time, very professional and he took his time to make sure it was done right. Most definitely recommend his service to anyone. Second time I've used Miller's Soft Wash. He does an amazing job ‼️Thank you again !

Pressure Washing Service in Plymouth

If you are located in the Plymouth area, now is the time to invest in your home and give it a clean new look that it deserves. With fall weather in the air and winter just around the corner, there is no better time for a fresh look.

Look no further than Miller Soft Wash to supply you with quality pressure washing services. We are committed to supply you and the Plymouth community with the highest rated pressure washing service in Plymouth.

We understand that every Plymouth home is unique and deserves to be treated as such, which is why we pride ourselves in serving you with the perfect blend for your home.

Rather than hiring someone who promises one-size-fits-all, consider Miller Soft Wash that prides themselves in great lasting results, and that takes care of your Plymouth homes individual needs.

A professional pressure washing can achieve some really dramatic results. Watching that layer of dirt wash away is a pretty satisfying experience. Where regular cleaning and maintenance falls short, only pressure washing can take care of built-up grime.

Soft Wash vs Pressure Washing: What’s Different?

While researching cleaning services, you may come across companies advertised as power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing.

If you don’t understand the differences between these terms, then don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The #1 difference between power washing and pressure washing methods is the water temperature.

Power washing blasts water at a high pressure using hot water, otherwise the water used for pressure washing is not heated.

The hotter water used in power washing makes it easier to cut through grime and pressure wash surfaces.

Lastly, soft washing is similar to pressure washing, however the PSI is lowered to less than 500, making it safer to use on rather less durable surfaces. Let’s learn what these services are all about.

Power Washing Service

Pressure washing and power washing sound like the same thing, but there are a few differences.

Power washing utilizes the same method of blasting water at a high pressure, only with hot water.

This brings power washing apart because the hot water not only acts to sanitize things, it is also superior at breaking down organic materials.

Power washing rigs are usually heavier duty machines, as well. You can’t acquire a professional-powered power washer, nor should you.

These are extremely dangerous to you and any property without training.

Additionally, power washing is mainly for outdoor washing of driveways, stone walls, and rough concrete. These machines are usually seen in commercial and industrial settings.













Pressure washing is an extremely effective washing method for cleaning various surfaces of the home, and unlike power washing, pressure washing don’t heat up water. However, the pressure is still high for it to be dangerous. Amateurs often learn the hard way about the high power of a pressure washer. Water is being pushed out at a very high rate, it can cut through a finger to the bone in a single second. According to Nerdist, it can also do stuff like blast a watermelon or descale a fish at 4,000 PSI, for example.


Pressure Washing Service in Plymouth 













With that being said, special care must also be taken when pressure washing a house’s sidings. You need to be at the correct distance to avoid damage to vinyl sidings, wood shingles, and other types of a home.

Pressure washing is meant to wash walking surfaces, decks, stone pathways, patio furniture, and so forth. Anything that is hard, but has deep grooves that allow dirt to be embedded is a great candidate for pressure washing.

If you’d like to learn more about this method, read our blog that tells how we do driveway pressure washing.

Soft Washing

Now, you may be thinking that soft washing has nothing to do with pressure washing. Sometimes pressure washers are used to soft wash, but they are then modified to lower the PSI, or pressure per square inch.













All Soft wash methods are done using less than 500 PSI for rinsing or cleaning application.

The tip of the pressure washer is replaced with one that widens the spray, therefore dropping the psi. On top of this, soft washing utilizes state of the art cleaning solutions to break down dirt and organisms living on surfaces.

These cleaning solutions are biodegradable and will not harm anything on your home’s exterior. Soft washing is preferred in a variety of situations over pressure washing, including on surfaces like:

• Cedar shake siding

• Wood panel siding

• Outdoor rooted plants

• Stucco and coquina

• Outdoor wood furniture

• Screens, enclosures, and lanais

• Vinyl siding

When Should You Soft Wash vs Pressure Wash?













The type of washing is going to depend on how your home is built, the materials used, and its surroundings.

Typically, you’ll be getting one or the other done to your home, that is, unless you’re getting your entire home done top to bottom.

In that case, you’re going to want a soft wash for the roof, windows, and sidings and a pressure wash for your driveway, walkways and patios. Overall, the job would need to be broken into two phases — the first phase would be pressure washing all the hard surfaces, and the second phase of soft washing would require changing out the cleaning solution and nozzle for the rest of the home. Need more details on when to use a pressure washer? Check out our blog to help make the decision easier.

Health Benefits of Professional Washing













Giving your home or business a deep cleaning is important — but not just for aesthetics. Your health is impacted by the long-term build-up of dirt, mold, pollen, algae, and decaying matter, too.

All that stuff piles up over time in between cracks, underneath sidings, around stones, and on patio furniture. According to Homes.com, depending on where you live and what your landscape looks like, mold and mildew can settle on surfaceslike your roof and cause allergies and asthma.

All These contaminants embed themselves into your exterior surfaces where the garden hose can’t penetrate and standard cleaning soaps don’t do enough, either. The end result is you getting sick more often and not even realizing the source. This is why investing in a professional cleaner is worth every penny.

Can You Rent a Pressure Washer to DIY?













The short answer is “yes.” The question that should be asked is “should you?” Pressure washers can be rented at your local home supply store, but they require care, experience, and skill to operate effectively. 

As for attempting to soft wash your home by yourself, you run into similar hazards with no experience.













If you go down this route, you’ll need to use the right chemicals, equipment, and have the nozzle that allows you to soft wash.

These chemicals are very strong, so you have to use the correct dilution to get results without leaving a film or damage to the surface.

We know there are some very adamant DIY’ers out there who live for the challenge and want to save money on home projects. But, we ask you to reconsider this project and hire a professional.

You’ll get it done faster, restore surfaces to “like-new” conditions, and you won’t risk property damage.

Best Professional Cleaner in Michiana

Cleaning the outside of a home or business is a big job. You can easily spend a whole week trying to tackle it alone. Throw in some bad weather and the sun’s unrelenting rays and you have a recipe for frustration.

It’s much harder to focus on what you’re doing, especially if it’s with something like soft washing or pressure washing. That’s when mistakes are made, which can mean bad news for you or and your wallet.

Why Should I Trust Miller Soft Wash With My Home?

Your home is likely one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. Which is why you shouldn’t leave it’s care up to just anyone.

Miller Soft Wash has been serving residential and commercial clients throughout Granger and the surrounding areas. We are your trusted solution for all your Pressure washing and Soft Washing needs.

Final Takeaway

After periods of aging, a home or business exterior will gradually deteriorate.

Here at Miller Soft Wash we offer our customers a safe and effective way for restoring their properties back to there like-new condition.

You can rest assured that we’ll take every necessary step to protect and enhance your dwelling when in our care.

Keep Miller Soft Wash top of mind when you are looking for a pressure washing service in Plymouth, as well as Soft Washing and Roof washing services this fall before the harsh IN winter.

Marcia Bechtel

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueThank you Kenneth for doing a super job and in such a short notice. The front of the house looks amazing after years of not being cleaned the siding looks fresh and new. I’ve used you many times in the past to soft wash our roofs on homes that we are selling.

And you made them look like new. I’d highly recommend your service to anyone for power washing driveways and sidewalks and decks. Thank you for great customer service.

Sheri Planck Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueEverything was done to customer satisfaction. Great communication from point of scheduling to day of services provided.

House, garage and both sides of privacy fence look like new. My parents used their services also same day and very happy with finished project. Highly recommend and will definitely use again. Thank you Miller Soft Wash for your services.

Karen Clipp I live on SR19 in nappanee and Miller Soft Wash just finished my front porch and my deck. Could not be happier with the results. Excellent job at a good price. Added bonus of service with a smile. Recommend them without any hesitation.

Deborah Flenar Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueGreat job and good service. Very friendly and helpful. Would definitely call him again. Went out of his way to make sure you were satisfied. Very happy!

Doyle Yoder Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueI had called for a estimate and the next day he was able to be there! And he was very professional and respectful! Absolutely love the work he did! I just wanted him to do one side of the house, but after seeing how nice it made it look I had him do all the house! Was very impressed and would recommend miller soft wash to anyone!

Stephanie Brown Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueWe were completely impressed and pleased with Miller Soft Wash. Our home has the original wood siding from 1979, and we knew a high pressure wash might destroy the siding altogether, so we hired Miller Soft Wash to clean our exterior with care. He showed up early, was communicative of what we needed to do to prepare for the work, and he was in and out in under an hour. Hour home looks amazing, better than it has in the decade we’ve lived here! And the siding is completely intact! For the results, we consider the reasonable pricing a complete bargain! Highly recommend!!!Services: Window cleaning, Power/pressure washing

Abby S Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ValueMy house has never looked so amazing! The owner is exceedingly knowledgeable and his passion for the business certainly shows through the quality of work. I highly recommend Miller Soft Wash!

Makala Smith Positive: Professionalism, Quality, ResponsivenessKenneth was very responsive, respectful and professional! He valued our time and home! It was very easy to schedule, get a quote and ask any questions we had. He was very polite, arrived on time and left it looking brand new! Would highly recommend for roof cleaning and soft wash!

Joellen Burns Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueI have had Miller’s doing my house and drive way for 2 years. He takes pride in his work and makes sure your house looks beautiful when he is done. Very customer focused.

Duane Miller He was he in a couple of days and did a great job. All the rust on the siding was removed as well as all the black dirt under the soffit/gutters. Will recommend him for sure.

Tonja Luken Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, ValueKenneth did a great job from start to finish. Scheduling was easy and he was very prompt in giving us a quote, which was very reasonable. He arrived on time and worked professionally and efficiently. Our house looks amazing! Even a couple of areas we thought were hopeless – our gutters were awful – look great.

Angel Konkey Positive: Quality, Responsiveness, ValueKenneth soft washed our house, roof, and deck. All I can say is, WOW! What a difference it makes on the cleanliness and curb appeal of our home. We had a lot of algae and organic growth on our roof and the front of the house, that left unsightly black streaks on the entire roof, due to it being north facing.

The entire roof looks incredible after the soft washing, and the streaks are now gone. We also had rust on the siding on one side, due to hard water. And, we had the remnants of a very large hornets nest that he managed to remove from the siding as well.

Kenneth also cleaned our deck, which would have taken us half a day to power wash, so it was worth every penny for the soft wash. Miller Soft Wash charged a FAIR price, worked DILIGENTLY and EFFICIENTLY, and had great communication, keeping us apprised of his schedule and arrival time. We highly recommend the services of Miller Soft Wash, and will definitely use him in the future.

Lyle Lehman Kenneth did a great job on our house and deck wash, he was very thorough and attentive to details it got cleaner then we expected!With his outstanding
estimating/production software is second to none!!


How Long Does A Soft Washing Treatment Last?

On average, a professional soft washing treatment will provide you with clean results that can last you as much as 4 times longer than those you would get with a standard pressure washing. 

This means you get to enjoy more time before you have to worry about staining occurring again, with most soft washing treatments lasting a great deal longer than a full year.

What Is Soft Washing?

Soft Washing is a safer, non-pressure alternative that doesn’t utilize the same destructive high pressure spray of water in order to remove contaminants from a surface. 

Soft washing utilizes a non-pressure application of specifically formulated chemical cleaning solutions that allow us to kill off and remove any harmful contaminants that might be eating away at your home’s exterior surfaces. 

Because of these special cleaning solutions, soft washing is able to eliminate the problem at its source, as opposed to just washing away the top layer, providing you with a long term solution to keep these annoying growths from coming back.

Can I Clean My Roof With My Own Pressure Washer?

While it is possible for you to remove many of the harmful deposits that collect on your roof with a pressure washer, it is very easy to actually do more damage to your roof in the process if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Additionally, it is extremely dangerous to attempt using a pressure washer from a ladder, and isn’t something we would recommend to the average homeowner. 

When you are looking to clean your roof, it is always a more effective and safer option to call in the pressure washing professionals who can provide you with an effective pressure washing to safely remove those contaminants without causing damage to your home in the process.

What Is Your COVID-19 Status?






How Much Does It Cost To Soft Wash A House?

The cost to Soft Wash a home will obviously depend on a number of different factors. 

Here are some of the things that will ultimately decide how much you pay for exterior house washing services:

The size of your house

The type of siding on your house

The condition of your house

The experience level of the company you hire to clean your house

And more

Generally speaking, it costs somewhere between $200 and $600 to Softwash the exterior of a house with the average cost sitting at just over $350.

But the exact price that you pay will depend on a combination of all the factors we just mentioned. 

A house wash will include the cleaning of the initial house, front porch, window sills, exterior of gutters and soffits. 

Roof, Deck or Concrete Cleaning will be a additional charge.

A roof softwash is a more expensive project then a house wash and is best done only by a professional. 

When doing a roof soft wash you are dealing with a very hot solution when first mixed and will burn plants if the proper precautions are not taken. 

The best way to protect plants is to water the plants to dilute the solution that is being applied. 

Miller Soft Wash has a 11 gallon per minute roof pump designed for this project. 

The solution we use is biodegradable meaning it will degrade back into water and is recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Association. 

Generally speaking, it costs somewhere between $300 to $1000 depending on how steep the pitch of the roof is and what the square footage is of the roof. 

A roof wash doesn’t really have a average because of all the variables their is when Quoting a roof. 

If the roof has a lot of moss you want actually removed and not wait 6 weeks for it to fall off then a roof wash can be even more. 

Miller Soft Wash offers a three year warranty on their roof washes meaning if the black algae does come back within three years we will come out and treat the roof for free.

For us to get you a exact price we will have to get your address then look up your house on Google Earth and Google Earth will allow us to get the square footage of your house also Google maps will let us see the street view. 
This information will help us get you a exact quote.Request Quote

Is soft wash better than pressure washing?

Whereas pressure washing uses just water, the soft washing system cleans your siding and actually kills any algae or bacteria growth on your house, rather than just blasting it off. Plus, this can all be done within the day, and last you much longer, while also causing zero damage to any of your home’s exteriors.

How much does it cost to Soft Wash a house?

Soft washing generally costs $200 to $300 for a 1,500 square foot home with labor costs at $55 to $80 per hour. The house wash takes two to three hours to complete. The cost per square foot ranges from $0.14 to $0.18. Soft washing is similar to power washing but operates at a much lower pressure.

How much does it cost to pressure wash a 2000 sq. ft. house?

The average cost to pressure wash a house ranges from $250 to $400, with most people spending around $325 for two hours of labor to pressure wash a 2,000 sq. ft. home, which includes the cost of all labor, equipment usage, and other materials.



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In this quick overview, we will cover a few of the biggest benefits of power washing your house. 

Before we begin, it is important to mention that when it comes to Power washing your house, high pressure is never a good option.

Instead what we recommend is a process known as soft washing.

Soft washing is simply the process of using safe cleaning solutions to bring the siding back to its original look rather than relying on dangerous high pressure washing.

Now that we’re gotten that out of the way, let’s get into it!

Power Washing Your House Benefit #1: Increases Homes Perceived Value

When you plan on putting your house on the market it is a very good idea to do everything you can to increase the value of your home in order to maximize the price.

Power washing your house is one of the cheapest solutions available to you that will have the biggest price increase for your home.

First impressions are everything! You wouldn’t want a prospective buyer to be turned away from your home simply because the first impression is covered with green algae and cobwebs. A quick soft wash is something that can easily and affordably solve this problem.

Benefit #2: Increases You Homes Curb Appeal

If you are having a barbeque or a family get- together would you want your house to look dirty? 

This is one of the biggest problems with algae and other organic materials that grow on your homes siding. Your home is your biggest asset, one of the most important possessions that you own, it represents you and your family. You keep the inside of your home cleaned for visitors, it makes sense to also keep the outside of your home cleaned!

Benefit #3: Remove the health hazard presented by the airborne algae

If you have a deck or a patio and you regularly enjoy sitting outside with your family, did you know that the unsightly green algae growing on your siding and deck is also airborne? You’re breathing it in everytime you sit on your deck or spend time around the exterior of your home!

The reason we love our soft washing solution so much more than pressure washing is that our solution actually sanitizes your siding, decks, and patios rather than just removing what you can see. This means that the algae is removed and will stay removed for a much longer period of time. 

So as you can see, cleaning your home’s siding has many more benefits than just the looks! It can improve the value of your home and the health and safety of your loved ones.

If you would like to get more information about having a professional clean your homes siding, please reach out to us at any time by giving us a call or filling out the form on our website.

Final Takeaway on Power Washing

After periods of aging, a home or business exterior will gradually deteriorate. Here at Miller Soft Wash we offer our customers a safe and effective way for restoring their properties back to there like-new condition.

You can rest assured that we’ll take every necessary step to protect and enhance your dwelling when in our care.

Keep Miller Soft Wash top of mind when you are looking for a pressure washing service, as well as Soft Washing and Roof washing services.


What Is the Best Method for Cleaning a House?

Some homeowners don’t realize this, but there are actually a few different methods for cleaning a home.

You can power wash a home, pressure wash a home, or use a method called soft washing to get the job done. It’s important to understand the differences between the three.

Here is a quick explanation for each method:

Power washing: This method involves using a heavy-duty powerwashing machine to blast away dirt, debris, and more from surfaces with highly pressurized hot water. It’s usually best for cleaning heavily soiled concrete, stone walls, driveways, and other hard surfaces.

Pressure washing: This method involves using a pressure washing machine to blast away dirt, debris, and more from surfaces with highly pressurized cold water. It’s usually best for cleaning concrete, decks, patios, outdoor furniture, and more.

Soft washing: This method involves using a modified soft wash pump to apply a biodegradable solution on any surfaces with little to no pressure. It relies on the soap solution to do the cleaning, which makes it ideal for cleaning vinyl siding, painted wood, brick, stucco, and more.

You can utilize any of these methods to powerwash the outside of a house. But soft washing has turned into the preferred method for many homeowners because it can be used to deep clean a house without doing any damage to it.

When used in conjunction with special eco-friendly cleaning products, it can clean the sides of a home more effectively then power or pressure washing can. 

If you aren’t happy with the way your home looks at the moment, call on a professional exterior cleaning service to wash it right away. You’ll be amazed by how great your home looks in a matter of just a few hours.

Contact us today to schedule a soft exterior house wash for your home in Michiana.


What is the phone number for Miller Soft Wash?

The phone number for Miller Soft Wash is: (574) 361-3988.

Where is Miller Soft Wash located?

Miller Soft Wash is located at 67855 Maple St, New Paris, IN 46553

What is the internet address for Miller Soft Wash?

The website (URL) for Miller Soft Wash is: http://MillerSoftWash.com

How big is Miller Soft Wash?

Miller Soft Wash employs approximately 1 people.

Is there a key contact at Miller Soft Wash?

You can contact Kenneth Miller at (574) 361-3988.

What days are Miller Soft Wash open?

Miller Soft Wash is open:
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How is Miller Soft Wash rated?

Miller Soft Wash has a 5.0 Star Rating from 61 reviewers.

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