Trusted Warehouse Power Washing Elkhart, IN

Makala Smith
Makala Smith
Kenneth was very responsive, respectful and professional! He valued our time and home! It was very easy to schedule, get a quote and ask any questions we had. He was very polite, arrived on time and left it looking brand new! Would highly recommend for roof cleaning and soft wash!
Marla Raber
Marla Raber
Very professional and do great work!
highly recommend Miller Soft Wash, Kenneth did a phenomenal job!! its amazing how clean the buildings got.
Sharon Troyer
Sharon Troyer
Kenneth soft washed our house and our shop roof. He did an amazing job. It looks absolutely fabulous! We would/will hire Miller Soft Wash again!
Jane Wainscott
Jane Wainscott
They did a great job and made sure I was satisfied with everything.
Tonja Luken
Tonja Luken
Kenneth did a great job from start to finish. Scheduling was easy and he was very prompt in giving us a quote, which was very reasonable. He arrived on time and worked professionally and efficiently. Our house looks amazing! Even a couple of areas we thought were hopeless - our gutters were awful - look great.
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown
We were completely impressed and pleased with Miller Soft Wash. Our home has the original wood siding from 1979, and we knew a high pressure wash might destroy the siding altogether, so we hired Miller Soft Wash to clean our exterior with care. He showed up early, was communicative of what we needed to do to prepare for the work, and he was in and out in under an hour. Hour home looks amazing, better than it has in the decade we’ve lived here! And the siding is completely intact! For the results, we consider the reasonable pricing a complete bargain! Highly recommend!!!
Barb Brady
Barb Brady
Kenneth did a fantastic job! Everything from the siding, windows and plants and rock look brand new!! Miller Softwash is the best is the power wash company I have ever used! For an affordable price as well. I highly recommend them, you won’t be sorry!
Teresa Yost
Teresa Yost
Great service. Very friendly and professional. Everything looks so clean. Even "smells"clean. Cleaned house, sheds, steps and sidewalk. Will definitely use them again!
Power Washing Elkhart, IN

Even if your warehouse is not in the direct line of sight for customers, it’s still important to regularly maintain the interiors and exteriors of your property. Here are several reasons why it’s beneficial to clean your warehouse:

Maintain a Positive Image

A a negative image of the business to vendors and other partners. Pressure washing the exterior of the warehouse leaves it looking clean and well-kept.

A Safer Working Environment

Power washing can help a business maintain a safe environment for employees and visitors. Cleaning removes grease and oil that can cause falls, as well as chemicals that can lead to health issues.

Increased Productivity

When a warehouse is kept clean, it allows the business to function at an optimal level. Power washing can help increase efficiency and productivity, which means companies save money.

Clean and Sanitary Premises

Not only can Miller Soft Wash power wash the exterior, but we can also target your walkways, loading docks, and dumpster pads. Power washing removes dirt and dust that cause breathing issues and other problems.

warehouse power washing Elkhart, IN

How to Clean Different Areas of a Warehouse 

From outside to inside and top to bottom, every area of the warehouse must be cleaned. Here’s how to clean different areas of your warehouse.

Concrete Floors

Apply a heavy-duty cleaning detergent to loosen the dirt, dust, grime, and stains on concrete floors. Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes. Then, use a pressure washer with at least 3,000 PSI to remove all the buildup. Increase water pressure to blast away stubborn stains. 

Loading Dock

A degreaser will loosen up the oil, grease, and brake fluid stains found on a loading dock. Apply the degreasing soap and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Use a pressure washer to rinse the surface completely.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is durable and low-maintenance but it will still accumulate dust, dirt, stains, and mold over time. Use a soft wash system to first rinse the surfaces with low-pressure water. Then, apply a heavy-duty cleaning solution and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse cleaner off with low-pressure water.

Parking Lot

Asphalt surfaces can deteriorate with the use of harsh chemicals. Sweep the parking lot to remove debris. Then, apply a detergent to the surface. Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Use a pressure washer with about 2,500 PSI to rinse the surface. After drying, apply a sealant to protect the parking lot surface from further damage. 

Dumpster Pad

A dumpster pad will be a combination of dirt, grease, bacteria, and all things nasty. Do a proper sweeping to remove any loose dirt or debris. Then, apply a heavy-duty detergent or degreaser soap. Allow the solution to sit for 10-15 minutes. Use a power wash system with 4,000 PSI to clean the dumpster pad.

Why Choose Miller Soft Wash for Your Warehouse Cleaning Needs?

Miller Soft Wash provides expert warehouse power washing services in Elkhart Indiana, and surrounding areas. Here’s what you get when you hire us:

Professional-Grade Equipment

Miller Soft Wash is equipped with professional-grade pressure washers that can handle even the most stubborn stains on your warehouse surfaces.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Our proprietary cleaning solutions are very effective in removing dirt, dust, and other unwanted substances without toxic chemicals that harm the environment. 

Expert Cleaning Techniques

Washh utilizes tried-and-tested cleaning methods for your warehouse. We know how to adjust water pressure and nozzle angles to ensure that every nook and cranny is sparkling clean.

Convenient Schedule

Miller Soft Wash offers flexibility in scheduling so we can come in whenever it is most convenient for your business. We are quick and efficient so there will be minimal work disruption.

Insured and Bonded

Miller Soft Wash is fully insured and bonded so you can have peace of mind with our pressure washing services. You won’t have to worry about any property damage.

Call Miller Soft Wash Today for Professional Warehouse Cleaning

When you choose Miller Soft Wash for professional power washing, the end result is a clean warehouse that meets our strict standards for safety and cleanliness while keeping your business on target to meet deadlines. So, what are you waiting for? Consider Miller Soft Wash for your warehouse pressure washing needs. Call us at 574-361-3988 to set up an appointment today!




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