Michiana Commercial Power Washing Service

Michiana Commercial Power Washing Service provides services to commercial customers throughout South Bend, Elkhart, Lagrange, Warsaw and the surrounding communities.

Michiana Commercial Power Washing Service

Michiana Commercial Power Washing Service can help keep your business safe and attractive.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get professional services.

In fact, many business owners save money in the long-run by avoiding the high prices of repairs and replacements.

We are fully Bonded & Insured.

We offer Free Estimates for all Michiana Commercial Power Washing Service.

We specialize in Commercial Power Washing Services, Driveway Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning and Low-Pressure Exterior Washing.

Michiana Commercial Power Washing Service

Miller Soft Wash offers a wide range of services to keep your business in top shape! Some of our most popular services include:

Low Pressure Exterior & Interior Building Washing

An exterior/interior building cleaning service could renew your business’s beauty without the need to re-paint the entire thing.

Also, mold & algae can easily form on your exterior walls which not only looks bad but can also be a safety hazard.

Your business is more than acreage and four walls – it’s an investment.

Miller Soft Wash is proud to bring out the best in your property with a commercial power washing service.

We help you enjoy your business to its full potential, today and everyday.

With the proper detergents and experience, you can effectively wash a building without using damaging high pressure.

Here at Miller Soft Wash, we use a LOW PRESSURE technique to thoroughly clean buildings without harm to plants, painted surfaces, etc.

Get stress-free service that you can rely on from Miller Soft Wash! Contact Miller Soft Wash today for a FREE ESTIMATE!

Michiana commercial Power Washing service

Warehouse Cleaning Michiana Power Washing Service

Even if your warehouse is not in the direct line of sight for customers, it’s still important to regularly maintain the interiors and exteriors of your property.

Here are several reasons why it’s beneficial to clean your warehouse:

Maintain a Positive Image

A a negative image of the business to vendors and other partners. Pressure washing the exterior of the warehouse leaves it looking clean and well-kept.

A Safer Working Environment

Power washing can help a business maintain a safe environment for employees and visitors. Cleaning removes grease and oil that can cause falls, as well as chemicals that can lead to health issues.

Increased Productivity

When a warehouse is kept clean, it allows the business to function at an optimal level. Power washing can help increase efficiency and productivity, which means companies save money.

Clean and Sanitary Premises

Not only can Miller Soft Wash power wash the exterior, but we can also target your walkways, loading docks, and dumpster pads. Power washing removes dirt and dust that cause breathing issues and other problems.

warehouse cleaning michiana power washing service

Michiana Commercial Power Washing Service Concrete Cleaning

We do pressure wash concrete with a high pressure washer and a walk behind surface cleaner but for everything else we use our 300psi/ 11 gallons per minute soft wash system.

Our pressure washer machine is a 4 gallons per minute 4000 psi but we only use this massive pressure when cleaning concrete or wood surfaces.

On concrete and wood surfaces we will first apply a biodegradable soap to treat all surfaces to kill any mold or algae that might be on the surface then we pressure wash the concrete with a surface cleaner that we can walk behind.

We pressure wash the all wood surfaces with a pressure washer wand to get the proper clean but with applying the soaps it helps with keeping a longer lasting clean