Owner Operator Kenneth Miller

Kenneth and Marla Miller

Hi my name is Kenneth and my wife’s name is Marla and we are the Millers from New Paris Indiana.
I have always dreamed of having my own business and loved cleaning things and the satisfaction  that comes with it after you can step back and see a job well done! I am a certified car detailer which I did for a couple of years working for my brother Steven Miller who owned Diamond Star in Millersburg Indiana. You might have seen my brother in the local news of him detailing Air Force One.
Cleaning I guess has somehow got in our family’s blood somehow. I was raised on a duck farm so not sure how cleaning got in there except we had to clean out the manure out of the duck pens every couple weeks lol. I have one amazing little girl and was raised Amish which you will pry recognize once you hear my Amish accent in my voice. I love and follow Jesus with my whole heart and believe strongly in not judging and loving your neighbor as thyself. I love making people smile so hopefully I can do that for you by cleaning your house! Talk to you soon.