Owner Operator Kenneth Miller


My name is Kenneth Miller Owner and Operator of Miller Soft Wash. I live in New Paris Indiana and am happily married to Marla Miller. We are proud parents of two daughters Ezlyn Rain (1) and Zayla Rose (4 weeks old).

My two girls

I have always dreamed of having my own business one day so when covid came along and shut my day job down at L & C Welding for six weeks in the spring of 2020 then is when I started Miller Soft Wash and have been full time Washing houses ever since!

Pressure washing

This was truly a blessing from God. I have also been very blessed to have such a amazing community to work for cause I have had so much fun this past year just meeting new people and have built a lot of great relationships from this business.

I am a certified car detailer which I did for a couple of years working for my brother Steven Miller who owned Diamond Star in Millersburg Indiana. You might remember seeing my brother in the local news a few years back of him detailing Air Force One.

I was raised Amish which you will pry recognize once you hear my Amish accent in my voice or that’s what past customers have said.


Growing up we had plenty of chores to keep us busy. We had three duck barns for a total of 26000 ducks. One duck barn was a research an development barn with small pens of 25 ducks each all through the barn. Each pen would get different amounts of feed so we had to weigh out each pens feed each day then we would have to gather eggs and mark the eggs with the date an pen number on each egg. We also had to weigh each individual duck each week and keep track of there weight so ya us siblings had enough work to keep us out of trouble I’d say lol.


I love and follow Jesus with my whole heart and believe strongly in not judging and loving your neighbor as thyself. I love making people smile so hopefully I can do that for you by cleaning your house! Talk to you soon.

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