Concrete Pressure Washing How-To

Do you have a pressure washer and want to know how to do concrete pressure washing yourself?

Here at Miller Soft Wash we highly recommend to get a surface cleaner before attempting to clean your own concrete driveway. This will prevent wand marks and will speed up the process a lot.

A surface cleaner is round and will spin really fast from the pressure of the pressure washer. You can buy a surface cleaner in any of Michiana’s big box stores like Lowe’s or Menards.

But since your going to the store to get your surface cleaner also get some bleach and a pump up sprayer.

Before cleaning the driveway you will want to pretreat the concrete with bleach to kill the black algae and mold stains that discolor the driveway.

How to do concrete pressure washing

Mix the bleach 50/50 in the pump up sprayer half water and half bleach and spray the concrete before actually pressure washing the driveway with the surface cleaner.


  • Pressure Washer
  • Garden Hose
  • Pressure Washer Hose
  • Surface Cleaner
  • Pump Up Sprayer


  • Water
  • Bleach

Step #1

Water the grass with a garden hose beside the concrete before applying any bleach so that the bleach does not kill any grass! This is a very important step that a professional always knows he has to do!

Step #2

Apply the bleach and water with the pump up sprayer and be careful not to get any on the grass.

Step #3

Now attach the surface cleaner to the end of your pressure washer wand to start surface cleaning. You will have to go very slowly when surface cleaning but this is still a lot faster then pressure washing with a wand!

Step #4

Now after you have surface cleaned the entire driveway go and rinse all lose dirt and grime off with just the wand and bam you will have a clean driveway! 👌

How to do concrete pressure washing

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