Miller Uses A 300 PSI Pressure Washer To Wash A House But With A Extremely High Flow Rate

Miller Soft Wash
Miller Soft Wash 300 psi pressure washer

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Miller said that often times when referring to soft washing people mistakenly assume that it means to use a small and cheaper pressure washer so to keep the cleaning power to a minimum.

Miller said most people automatically think when cleaning the exterior you will need a high pressure washer to clean their house but this is in fact not the case because Miller only uses a 300 psi pressure washer.

Miller said his soft washing method will actually clean better then a pressure washer when it comes to your siding and other common home exterior surfaces.

The biodegradable solution he uses will disinfect and kill off any black mold and green algae that tends to grow on a house’s siding, exterior of the gutters and the soffits bringing a deeper and a longer lasting clean.

Miller does in fact not use a power washer when washing a house except when pressure washing concrete or wood.

300 PSI Pressure Washer

Kenneth Miller said that he has a special pump that he uses that is made for the purpose of soft washing.

This pump is set up that he can turn different valves so that to mix his soap accordingly to how dirty the house or roof is.

Miller explained that he will first soap a section of a house then set his valves to only water then rinse that section and will repeat this all the way around a house till the whole house is washed.

Miller went on to explain that his soft wash system is in fact a low pressure operation, however he said his pump is designed to pump out eleven gallons a minute and he often has to take water with him to a house because most houses have a water supply of four gallons per minute and can not keep up with his high flow eleven gallons per minute pump he said with a smile.

He proudly stated that his high flow pump creates a better rinse, saying that the soap clings to the dust and grime on the house and then when rising the soap pulls any loose dirt down with it.

Project Completed With a 300 PSI Pressure Wash

A 300 PSI Pressure Washer is Often Considered A Soft Wash

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