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House Washing

House Washing
Miller Soft Wash is Michiana’s highest rated soft wash House Washing Service, providing a deep and very effective exterior cleaning service that lasts. We will first soak down the plants with water to ensure plant safety before applying any solution to any surfaces. We then apply a biodegradable house wash mixture to all the exterior surfaces of the house letting it dewell for about 15 minutes. This softwash mixture is very soapy an will cling to all surfaces. This allows the solution that does all the deep cleaning more time to work so in this time span the house wash mixture will penetrate all surfaces and lift the dirt into the soap so that when we rinse it will take any dirt down with it and leave your exterior sparkling clean. This solution will kill all moss, mold, algae and lichen at the root to ensure a longer lasting clean.

We then rinse the house with the homeowner’s water with our AR 45 Gas Roof Pump setup which has max 300 psi. This allows us to shoot water about 50 feet when we put our sprayer on jet or we can shoot up to 11 gallons per minute when on rinse mode which will then in turn not shoot as far but has a high volume of water so that to dilute the solution before causing any damages to landscape.

A regular house washing service will just use a powerful pressure washer an blast off the surface of these growths with the high force of water, leaving tiny roots to sprout again.

Included with house washing service is cleaning of the exterior of gutters, soffits, window sills and siding. Since we don’t use any high pressure we can actually spray water on your windows and make sure all soap is off the glass always making sure the windows are very well rinsed.

At Miller Soft Wash we will have your house looking very fresh you can count on that!

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