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 Commercial pressure washing projects Miller Soft Wash has completed in Michiana.

Interior Commercial Building Cleaned in Middlebury

Miller Soft Wash cleaned the inside of this 300,000 square foot building in Middlebury IN.

The inside was very dusty and had a lot of cobwebs all over the ceiling and walls. This building was divided in 4 different rooms. It took Kenneth four days to clean all four rooms. This cleaning was a soft wash where Miller soaped a section then rinsed that section off again with water.

Watch this video to watch the process. The walls were all done from the ground but with the ceiling Miller used a lift to clean with.

Exterior Commercial Building Cleaned in Bremen

Here Miller Soft Wash cleaned the exterior of these buildings for a staining company in Bremen IN.

Commercial Pressure Washing in Millersburg IN

This is a video of cleaning a commercial building in Millersburg Indiana for Raber Dirtworxs and JM Quality Construction that share a building together and both do a lot of contractor work for Shipshewanna Homes in Shipshewanna.

Winona Lake Apartments Commercial Pressure Washing 

This project included two three story Apartments that Miller Soft Wash cleaned the Exterior in Warsaw IN

Commercial Pressure Washing  in Shipshewanna for Highland Ridge RV

Store Front Commercial Pressure Washing  in Nappanee

Miller Soft Wash has done multiple store front cleanings.

Awning Cleaning in Nappanee

Feed Mill Cleaned in Topeka IN


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