Commercial Cleaning in Nappanee IN

Commercial Cleaning In Nappanee IN

Kenneth Miller at Miller Soft Wash did a commercial cleaning in Nappanee IN today, one was for Ace builders and the other was for Main St., Roasters along with the storefront Cleaning he also did the awning cleaning as well.

Commercial Cleaning In Nappanee IN

Kenneth cleaned the awnings in Nappanee by soaping them and then scrubbing them with a brush then rinsing all the loose dirt and grime off the awning.

Awnings are a big factor when it comes to your store front appearance and you don’t want them to be looking dirty. Awnings catch a lot of dirt and are breeding grounds for lichen, moss and algae to grow.

Commercial Cleaning In nappanee IN

Commercial Cleaning In Nappanee IN

After periods of aging, a home or business exterior will gradually deteriorate. Miller Soft Wash offers its customer’s a safe and effective way for restoring their properties to like-new condition.
By improving the appearance of your home or business you’ll be able to experience all of the value and added benefits that a clean dwelling has to offer.
Miller Soft Wash offers a unique and more effective cleaning service that will beautify your home or business.

The unique low pressure process will remove mildew, mold, lichen and other unwelcome residues.

Depending on your particular needs, we use a combination of industrial proven cleaning method to ensure a result that’s attractive and a longer lasting clean.

You can rest assured that we’ll take every necessary step to protect and enhance your dwelling when in our care.

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