Delux Spa Treatment For Your House

Treat your house to a day of relaxation and fun!

Your house deserves some quality “me” time with a relaxing bath that only a professional soft washer can do.

Miller Soft Wash will start your house’s spa treatment with a roof wash by soaping down the roof with a eco-friendly biodegradable soap that will massage the roof gently working it’s way into any roots of moss and lichen killing it completely and removing any black stains that are a algae based growth bringing a fresh new curb appeal to your house! But we don’t stop there with this Spa day for your house!

We will then give your house a full house wash to get off all the dirt and grime that has built up over the years and being the house is out in the wind, rain and then the humidity from the sun it probably has that embarrassing black mold growing on all its whites like the gutters, soffits, facia and window sills. Once you remove that black mold your house can express itself again as if it’s smiling and showing the whites of its teeth.

A house wash will start with spraying on a soap that is proven to clean and work miracles. We will let the soap dewell and penetrate all surfaces for a short time period then as we rinse the soap will have worked up a bond with any dirt so as we gently spray the water on the house the soap will bring down any dirt or cobwebs with it also this soap will kill any algae that is growing on your house. By killing the algae it will also stay away longer as in just pressure washing it will leave tiny roots that will sprout right back again.

Next will be time for a all out pedicure on all the concrete surfaces again we will post treat it with a soap to kill off any black mold or algae stains then comes the deep tissue massage where we pull out our pressure washing hose and walk behind surface cleaner and really give that concrete a deep clean. Concrete being a flat surface we will have to pressure wash this to get all the dirt up out of any pores that dirt may have been packed in. Once the concrete is cleaned your house will be able to do it’s happy dancing again.

Just show your house a little love and it will be sure to return it 10 times.

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