Soft Wash

What is a Soft Wash

A soft wash means their is no pressure being used to clean with. A soft wash is always done with a special soap that will do the cleaning instead of pressure washing.

Roof Soft Wash

A Roof Soft wash is a recommended way to maintain your shingle roof by the shingle manufacture. Pressure washing a roof would damage the shingles and would be a long and dangerous project. With soft washing a roof you can usually clean the roof from a ladder but most of the time will still have to get up on the roof to clean lose branches and so forth.

A roof soft wash is to eliminate the black stains caused by the airborne Algae that transfers from roof to roof by the wind or birds. This Algae will feed off the limestone in the shingles and will flourish in high humidity areas. Most roof soft washes will not remove moss growth the day of a the roof wash but will leave the moss looking white since the roof soft wash solution that was applied kills the moss. The moss will usually fall off on its own after 6 weeks and with help of a heavy rainfall. Leaving moss on a roof let’s the moss time to let go of the shingles since moss does take root in the shingles it self and taking the moss off the shingles the same day can take stones off the shingles.

Soft Wash on a House

Soft washing on a house will clean the exterior of your house to get rid of all cobwebs and dirt buildup. A Soft wash will also clean any organic growth you might have growing on your siding. Read this article on How I Soft Wash a house here at Miller Soft Wash

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