Commercial Pressure Washing Millersburg IN

Cleaned the exterior of this commercial building in Millersburg IN for a excavating company called Raber Dirtworxs.

Check out Raber Dirtworxs for all your excavating needs! Highly recommend them.

Miller Soft Wash did a soft wash on the entire exterior of this building to clean the dust off and clean any cobwebs that were starting to show.

Oxidation Removal

Oxidation removal was done on this commercial building in Millersburg Indiana.

The sun fades exterior surfaces over time and makes things get a chalky white powder that’s called Oxidation.

Oxidation will not be removed with a Soft Wash because it is not a organic matter.

To remove the Oxidation from these doors at Raber Dirt Worxs Miller Soft Wash had to pressure wash these doors.

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Miller Soft Wash values it’s customers property like it’s their own. Our reviews speak for themselves. 52 reviews on Google 29 reviews on Facebook with a lot of reviews in our comment section 30 reviews on thumbtack 2 reviews on home advisor.

Miller soft wash is owner operated by Kenneth Miller from new Paris Indiana. A pressure washing service provider that only uses a pressure washer on concrete otherwise we treat the stains with a biodegradable solution and let our soap do 100% of the work without blasting at your siding or shingles with high pressure.

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