Professional Roof Cleaning in Shipshewanna Indiana

This project was a Roof Cleaning in Shipshewanna Indiana. This project included a shop roof and a two story house roof that was all metal and had a lot black algae all over the roof therefore the roof looked very dirty.

Kenneth the owner operator at Miller Soft Wash first cleaned the roof for any dirt then Kenneth applied a biodegradable solution that was a treatment for the black algae and let set for a bit then rinsed it all off and this made this roof look brand new.

Tired of looking at those dirty algae stains on your roof? Most people are unaware that this unsightly pest can safely be cleaned without causing damage to your roof.

Miller Soft Wash is Michiana’s #1 roof cleaning choice for protecting the value and appearance of your home. We specialize in roof cleaning and restoring those dirty roofs to look like new again and restore your home’s curb appeal.

Is Your Roof In Danger?

The issue with a dirty roof is not only visually standing out — the algae and mildew growing on the roof can actually eat away at the shingles, resulting in a shortened lifespan for your roof.

Not only is algae a major concern, another concern is the possible damage over time from the algae eating “holes” in your roof, resulting in water damage. This takes place if the growth is ignored long enough and moss and lichen are allowed to flourish. A clean roof greatly reduces the risk of damage to the shingles, which can result in a shortened lifespan for your roof.

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