How We SoftWash

I am Kenneth Miller and am the owner and operator of Miller Soft Wash which is a fully Insured company for both residential and commercial. I use a more gentle approach to washing then a normal pressure washer does. I only use pressure on concrete otherwise I use a booster pump and a garden hose sprayer to do my cleaning with.

House Washing
I will first soak down the plants with water to ensure plant safety before applying my solution. I then apply the biodegradable solution to the house and then rinse the house with the homeowner’s water all with the booster pump which has max 200 psi. I can shoot water about 50 feet when I put my garden sprayer on jet or can shoot up to 8 gallons per minute when on rinse mode which will then in turn not shoot as far but has a high volume of water so that to dilute the solution before causing any damages to landscape. With house wash mix I can clean the exterior of Gutters to same as new condition. My solution will melt cobwebs and kill all mildew, algae and lichen at the root not just blasting off the surface creating a deeper longer lasting clean.

Roof Softwash
For a roof softwash I use the same method as house wash just a much stronger mix of solution. A  roof softwash will bring back the original color of your roof and is recommended by the Shingle Manufacturers to maintain your roof.

Wood Restoration
If you have a wood deck you want the wood restored please send picture of deck for quote

I do same day Quotes just simply send me your address and I’ll measure the square footage of your house and and reply with price.

Terms and Conditions
Please read our terms and conditions before scheduling any jobs with us.

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