Outdoor Playground Cleaning Services

Outdoor playgrounds are an awesome place for children of all ages to meet with friends and have a great time doing so many fun and interactive things. However, because so many people of all ages congregate and physically touch surface areas, playgrounds are a breeding ground for many types of bacteria and germs.

There have been many studies from independent labs by companies, agencies and government branches have shown that these playground surfaces contain both mild and serious health risks.

Some examples of the more serious issues that can be present and transmitted are salmonella, E. coli, norovirus and hepatitis. More common issues like colds, coughs and flus are also possible through surface contamination.

Ultimately the best protection is a combination of treating the playground areas on a frequent basis and always making sure that anyone who has touched the surface areas should clean themselves with the proper sanitizing wipes or gels immediately after using the facilities. It is important to keep children away from touching their face and mouths while playing because that is one of the most susceptible areas.

Sanitize Playground Equipment the Right Way

Miller Soft Wash uses a SoftWash approach to clean the surface. We use low water pressure along with 100% biodegradable chemicals and soaps that sanitize the surface. We let the SoftWash dwell on the surface for a short period of time, and then we thoroughly rinse off the area with water. Our aim is to sanitize the entire area of the playground.

We can SoftWash and Sanitize the playground playset parts such as swings, slides, climbers and the structure and individual chains, poles, handles, hangars, seats, slides, etc.

We are also able to clean other areas such as benches, fountains, flooring, rest shelters, canopies, wood surfaces, signage, retaining walls, rubber, court surfaces, etc.

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