100 Five Star Reviews on Google 🎉

100 Five Star Reviews on Google 🎉 Pressure Washing Service Serving St. Joe, Elkhart, Lagrange, Noble, Cass and Kosciusko Counties. Miller Soft Wash

This news article about reaching 100 Google Reviews was written by Kenneth 𝐌𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐫 the Owner an Operator of 𝐌𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐫 Soft Wash.

100 5 Star Reviews on Google

Miller Soft Wash is proud to announce that we have reached 100 5 Star Reviews on Google!

Google Business Profile

Reviews are very important to customers when searching on Google for any term like “pressure washing service near me”or house washing services.

When searching “house washing near me” the first thing that will pop up will be some ads where people pay money to be in this position, second google will show the map pack, where google lists three google business profiles with their star Rating and the amount of reviews the business has on Google.

This is usually a very trustworthy source for a customer to find a local pressure washer service to wash their house. Just make sure the company listed has real local reviews and not some spam reviews that are not from other local customers in your general area.

A Google listing can greatly benefit a local business.

Reviews are very beneficial for a local business because if the company has more positive reviews this will help the company rank higher in the map pack in a much larger area. Google business profile is a free listing for services and businesses, kinda like the yellow pages in the olden days.

Google Search Engine Results Page

After the map pack is listed on google then google will show what is called the “serp” meaning search engine results page. This is also organic and it shows results based on the company’s website.

The bad part about the search engine results page it usually just shows larger company’s like Angie’s List or Thumbtack because the results are based on how many backlinks a website has. When a other website mentions another website this is considered a backlink, furthermore a website this big has millions of back links where it is very hard for a small website to compete with.

These big companies will then sell leads they receive through their website to local businesses for $20 to $50 a lead, however this is not a bad thing for a business that is starting up. This will help them start doing whatever service they are providing but this is not free for the business as the map pack is.

Also more often then not you can’t see the reviews of past customers the business has done a service for whereas you can on the google map pack.

Why Google Reviews Are Important

This is why reviews are so important to the customer and the business that is offering the service.

We appreciate all the customers that have left these amazing reviews on our google business profile and just wanted to share how google works and why reviews are so important.

If you want to read our reviews on our Google Business Profile and see what other customers have said about Miller Soft Wash please search Miller Soft Wash on Google or just enter a pressure washing search term and see if Miller Soft Wash appears in any of the results near you.

What Services does Miller Soft Wash Offer?


Check out the commercial power washing projects we have completed all over the Michiana area.


Increase your curb appeal by washing your home’s exterior with a soft wash which is a longer lasting clean then the normal pressure washing because of the algaecide that actually kills and disaffects the house’s exterior.

Included with our house washing service is siding, brick, window sills, exterior of gutters/soffits/facia and a heavy rinse on all windows.


Get rid of those ugly black streaks caused by algae growth and unwanted bacteria. Our softwashing method can clean, and restore your roof!


A Roof Rejuvenation can add at least 6 more years of life to your roof by replenishing the oils that have evaporated from the shingles.


Eliminate dirt and stains from your structure, fences, and decks with our soft wash method! We can remove mildew, mold, moss, and other unwanted substances!


Clean your tired dirty looking concrete and bring it back to life by removing years of built up dirt and grime. Concrete is first pretreated for black mold, then pressure washed.

How Much Does It Cost To Pressure Wash A House?
Soft wash Kenneth

Kenneth Miller

Meet Kenneth the owner and operator of Miller Soft Wash. Kenneth is 28 years old, Married with two daughters. Kenneth takes great pride in serving his customers with the best quality pressure washing in Michiana.

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